There should be no rules on how to play.

So here are some rules…on how to not have rules.

  1. Let the children play.  If she wants to wear the bucket lid as a hat let her.  If he wants to push the big block around like a car, let him.  When children decide how to play, they enjoy it more because it’s their decision.  And the more they enjoy playing, the more they are learning.
  2. Be present.  Engage yourself with your child.  The thing he wants most in the world right now is your attention.  So turn off the television, leave your phone in another room and play together.
  3. Narrate.  Talking to your child is one of the most important ways you can help develop communication skills.  In addition to talking to your child when playing, throughout the day explain tfec187702c530a52e3d89ec2d7badf73o your child what you are doing. “I’m rinsing the dishes off.” “Putting one sock on, then another, on your foot.” “Look, mommy is stirring the pancake mix, stir, stir, stir!”