Crafting With Love

Paint, glue, and glitter? Oh my. Wait! Don’t go! Crafts with kids does not have to be messy (okay maybe a little). But we can promise you easy clean up, skill building, and fun. Remember, it’s about the process not the product. It may not end up in The Louvre but your child will have fun while creating and spending time with you. He will work on fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, asking for help and independence. If you can handle it, don’t “fix” their artwork. Let the finished product be theirs. Hang it in the fridge and encourage him to show everyone that stops by to sky rocket self esteem.

Valentine Craft #1

To start, let your child free paint on pink construction paper. Whether with fingers or paint brush, he will be working on fine motor skills and sensory play. Afraid of mess or someone eating paint? Paint with water. That’s right. Place a little water in a cup or shallow dish. When your child “paints” with water on construction paper it will look like he is painting. It will dry of course, but will experience the same skill set as with actual paint. Or place the paper and paint in a big ziplock bag. Tape the bag to the floor or table and let your child spread the paint around through the plastic.

While that is drying, trace their arm on brown construction paper, cut it out and glue it to your backdrop paper.

Next, take their painting masterpiece and cut out as many hearts as you’d like on the tree. Cut out various sizes to quiz your child on big and little.

Lastly, place dots of glue around the hand and let him place each heart on a dot of glue. For toddlers and older children, let them handle the glue or glue stick. Just don’t use super glue. All else will dry and clean up easy.

Valentine Craft #2

Paper Towel Stampers


Pull a cardboard tube out of your recycling and break out the paints.  Bend the tube into a heart shape.  You can wrap a rubber band round to help hold the shape but you don’t have to.  Instant stamper.  Dip into paint and blot on paper.

Painting Tips:

  • Preparation is key.  Lay project on a plastic tablecloth you reserve just for art projects or lay out newspaper.  Have wipes ready. And put a smock on your child or go bare.
  • Less is more.  A little paint is all they need.  They will be satisfied with the smallest amount of paint.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t plan a 17 step Pinterest worthy craft.  Remember to follow your child’s lead.  If she wants to finger paint instead of use a paintbrush let her.
  • Clean up. Place paint on paper plates. Soak paintbrushes in a cup of water in the sink.  Use wipes for quick clean up and the rest will come off in the bath.


Check back each day this week for a new craft!

Now, go play!

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