Who’s turn is it anyway?


Tell that to a Mom with a napping baby and a hot cup of coffee.

From birth we begin talking to babies, and when they start responding we start cheering.  “Where’s Mommy?  Head up! Get the toy! Yay!  Good job!”  It may seem minuscule but your little one is following directions.  The first step towards sharing.  As she becomes more independent, 10-12 months, she will begin putting toys in buckets, opening books, picking up her cup, and more, all the while looking to you for praise.  At this age, she is proud of her accomplishments and looks to you for praise.  Congratulate her, make a big deal, throw a party.  The more you praise these skills, the more her self esteem grows and yearns to be more independent.  (Proud Praise – Remember this when you see her taking turns and sharing!)

Turn Taking – Here is a skill you can actively create and practice.  All you need is a ball.  Rolling a ball back and forth creates a pattern that babies and toddlers can recognize.  Back and forth, my turn, your turn.  If he needs assistance sit him in between your legs and roll the ball to a friend.  At first, take a few turns back and forth helping your child push the ball.  Before long he will get the hang of it, I have the ball, now you have the ball, now I get the ball back, I get it now!  When playing with other toys and friends, use phrases that will remind your child of this game.  “It’s Bobby’s turn with the car now, when he is done with it, he will give you a turn.” “When you are done, let Sarah have a turn.”  And don’t forget about Proud Praise!  “Great job sharing!  Look how happy Sarah is that you gave her a turn!”
Positive feedback creates repetitive positive behavior.
Now, go play!