Cloud Dough

Snow dough, blue dough, moon dough, glitter dough…

Whatever the day, mix up these 2 household ingredients for a safe to eat, fun to play, time for coffee activity!

4 cups of flour
1/2 cup of oil (olive, vegetable, canola, whatever is in your pantry)

Simply mix the oil into the flour, stirring at first, then mix with your hands.  It will become crumbly, but when molded together, it holds its shape.

Add a couple drops of food dye, edible glitter, cinnamon, ginger, peppermint extract, anything to set the mood!

Serve on a baking sheet with spoons, cups, cookie cutters, trucks, plastic animals, or legos.  Spark creativity and an invitation to play!


Now, go play!

It’s the Holiday Season

As an adult, it’s easy to become overwhelmed during the month of December.  For babies and toddlers, it’s exciting but also a lot to take in.  From auntie’s squeezing cheeks, to cookie after cookie, overload is an understatement.  Follow these favored tips from JCC Matters.

  1. Keep with your routine.  Set your clocks for naps and bedtime and stick to it.  You may be leaving some holiday parties early, but you’ll be thankful when you are enjoying a cup of coffee while playing Legos instead of fighting a sleep deprived tot to eat his Cheerios.
  2. BYOFood!  Picky eater on your hands?  Bring a dish to share that you know your toddler will eat.  Battle hanger early on!
  3. It’s okay to RSVP “no” to some holiday events when your family is running on empty.  Better yet, use a calendar to keep track of all your upcoming events so you can choose which days will be a PJ day instead of running back and forth to the North Pole.
  4. Give small, immediate rewards (such as stickers, smelly chapstick, a favorite cup, a special storytime, extra cuddles) for your child’s good behavior.  Stay on top of the praise instead of being stuck under the tantrum.
  5. It’s easy to go overboard with gift buying.  Follow this simple wish list to keep it short, and meaningful.

…..Something they want.
…..Something they need.
…..Something to wear.
…..Something to read.

And lastly, if you like to give around holiday season, get the whole family involved.  Ask everyone to pick a favorite charity or way to spread Christmas cheer.  Let it be part of their wish list.


Now, go play!

Go Big or Go Outside

Toddler wake up on the wrong side of the bed?
Tired of listening to yourself sing “Wheels on the Bus”?
Day got you dragging?
Feel like there’s a million hours left before bedtime?

Think big.  Gross Motor Skills are a great way to use up time and energy, while activating the brain!


Kick it, kick it real good.


Crawling on clouds.


Ball o’ fun.  Because who’s using it for exercise anyway.


Forget the rake.


And on that note, when all else fails, get outside.  Fresh air is great to rejuvenate yourself and your babe.  Take a break from chores, screens, and whatever else is weighing you down and take in the sun.


Now, go play!