Put a bow on it.

Here it is!  Your guide to holiday shopping for the little ones in your life.  These are Play to Grow’s fave items for gift giving.

Tips for toy giving:

  1. Buy something that does not take batteries.  The parents will thank you.  And so will the child’s brain.
  2. Look for something that can grow with the child, that they can use throughout their childhood.
  3. Stay away from gender stereotypes!  Boys can play house and girls can drive toy cars around.

All of the gifts are linked to buy them but PLEASE visit an actual store!  Although the holiday crowds can be crazy at time, remember it’s important to interact with people on a daily basis! Brick and mortars for the win!

Disclaimer: Play to Grow does not receive any monetary reward for this post or any of the links you click on.  They are truly just great products!  Wouldn’t that be nice though? (So, hey! Any retailers reading this, hit us up!)

shopping (1)

Latch puzzle


Toy house


Shopping Cart


Tea set


17001460 (1)





Sit and Stuff Bean Bag


And more books


Step Stool


Pop up Tent

shopping (2)

Shape Sorter



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Now, go shopping.
Then, go play!


Are you ready?

And all things holidays…buying gifts, mailing cards, potluck planning, turkey prepping, waiting in lines, waiting in return lines, not to mention the every day duties of laundry, cooking, carpools, sports, play dates, time out…TIME OUT.  Before all of that goes down, let’s just take a deep breath.  DO IT.  TAKE A DEEP BREATH.  DID YOU DO IT?

Now, this post is all for you.  Forget your to do list, forget what to make for dinner, forget if your kid is going to eat it, just be still.  Be here.


Now, take a minute to think about what you need.  What do you really need.

Is it your body?  Is your mind racing? Are you on an emotional roller coaster?  Choose from one of the activities below or see more ideas here.



Wine does the trick too.


Now, go relax.