Move Your Body

Who wouldn’t like a morning massage to wake up your muscles?  How about a nighttime rub down to settle stress and set a calming tone for sleep?  From babies to adults, we can all use this addition to our daily schedule.

Each morning, help baby to wake up muscles, alert their senses, and recognize body parts each morning.  Provide small repetitive squeezes up and down their arms and legs, wiggle toes and fingers.  Sing a little tune naming body parts as you do.  Before bedtime, repeat squeezes with a calmer, slower pace to set the tone for sleep.

Toddlers can give squeeze their own bodies or participate in a short series of yoga poses.  Good Morning Yoga and Good Night Yoga are great books with simple poses for children.

Similarly, when singing songs throughout the day that contain hand/body movements such as “Wheels on the Bus” or “Itsy Bitsy Spider” don’t simply put on a show for your baby.  If he is too young to complete the movements himself, move his hands with yours.  Using “hand over hand”, he will begin to learn the movements not just from watching, but from feeling his muscles move in the repetitive motions.

Now, go play!



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