It’s getting hot out there…

When mother’s sun’s rays are so powerful for days upon days, it can feel like a blizzard.  Snowed in, or sunned in, with babies and toddlers is the quintessential Reality Survival TV Show.  So plan your allies ahead and you won’t be left for the hyenas.

Homemade instruments with rubber bands and a meatloaf pan.  Break out the wooden spoons and pots to keep a beat.

Paint+Ziplock Bag+Packaging tape=Mess free finger painting.  Tape the bag to a wall for those learning to stand, to the high chair tray while you make dinner, or to the floor for tummy time.

Don’t be afraid of a little water.  Lay down towels or a tablecloth.  Have your little one help clean up.

Paint with water – dip a paint brush in water and paint on construction paper.  The water temporarily shows up on the paper.

Ice cubes – with or without food dye are fun, slippery entertainment.

Make it rain!  Poke holes in the bottom of a plastic cup, pour an inch of water in a tin pan.  Scoop and drip.

For more beat the heat activities.

Now, go play!

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