Spring has Sprung!

Hello there!  Apologies for the lack of consistency lately.  But we are back!

Now,  around here, the sun is shining and the breeze is warmer.  Which means, outside play!  Playing outside is a great way to get muscles moving, big and small.  Getting outside provides easy activities for gross and fine motor development.

Gross motor development involves the growth and use of big muscles and limbs.  Legs, arms, trunk, head.  Fine motor involves activities with the hands — pointing, grasping, opening, pinching (food, not people!) and more.

Every time you step outdoors presents a new sensory experience.  Which means less planning on your part!  Just step outside with baby and let him go!

Pre-crawlers: Lay a blanket outside and dive into some outdoor tummy time.  Use buckets, balls, hula hoops and bubbles to entertain.  Or roll on your backs and take in some sun and the breeze.  Don’t forget hats and sunblock but some sun is good!

Crawlers to Walkers: Blankets to grass to sandbox to playgrounds.  As cute as they are, baby sports teams are great (and expensive) but what babies really need right now is to be active, and you have that right outside.  There is so much exploring to do for babies that encourages development.  Save the team sports for when they are more interactive with peers, 5 years and up.  Right now, let baby work those muscles climbing playgrounds and sliding down slides.

All ages – Take a walk!  Bring along an empty container or bag and collect items along the way.  Sticks, stones, leaves, flower petals, acorns, pine cones, etc. When you get home, explore your findings.  Glue to a paper plate to make a nature wreath or seal in a clear bottle for a sensory bottle. You can also do your part for the earth and pick up trash along the way!

Let your baby feel grass, dirt, mulch.  It’s all sensory! Don’t be afraid of a little dirt.  That’s what baths are for!

Rainy day?  See this post for more indoor sensory experiences.

What was your favorite piece of playground equipment as a kid?


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