Whatcha got there mom?

Here is an easy activity to promote language, motor skills, turn taking, imagination, and sensory skills.

Pull out a large box, container, bowl, or brown bag.  Take a walk around the house and gather random items/toys.  You can do this with or without baby.

Bring the box back to the family room and dump the contents on the floor.  Make a big deal: Hold it up high and count down, “Ready? Here it comes!  3….2….1!!!!!”

Take turns putting items back into the box.  Now take turns pulling items out.  Allow baby to explore each item.  Name it.  If its a spoon, stir.  If its a car, zoom it around the floor.

Pull out an item and place it on your head, your child’s foot, the couch, on the dog, etc.
“The cup is on the dog, the cup is on the dog, hi ho cherry oh, the cup is on the dog”

For infants to crawlers, pull out items one at a time and let baby explore.  Use the above song with different body parts to awaken their body awareness.

As baby grows use categories:
“Let’s find all blue things/animals/soft things/cold things”
Or name specific items to make an indoor scavenger hunt:
“Can you find something you eat with?”  “Find a ball” “Let’s put a book in the bag”

You can also do this on a walk and find “nature things”  Use them to create a nature wreath!


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