The Future

Preach girl, preach.

Children really are the future.  The 3 month old rolling over, the 12 month old having pretend tea, the 2 year old putting blocks together – these are our future doctors, teachers, electricians, artists, athletes, lawyers, and veterinarians.  And these are the people who will be responsible for our country.  There will be 16 million babies born during this new White House Administration.  Decisions made by the new Presidency will directly effect the future of our country, through tiny fingers and tiny toes.  This is why child development is so important.  AND, this is why creating an environment that supports child development is even more important.

When you provide shelter, food, and love for a baby, he grows.  When you provide a relationship for a baby, he learns.  He learns trust, confidence, and that he is valued.  He is on his way to becoming a tiny adult.  Playing with your child is the easiest way to build a positive relationship and it WILL shape who they will become.

Now is the time to invest in the little things.  Endorse programs that provide support for parents, communities, and access to affordable child care and medical services.  No matter what side of the line you fall on, red or blue, children have neither right or left wing stance.  All they know is, they want to play.  And they want to play with you.

Sit down.  Turn off your phone.  Have a tea party.  Read a book.  Drive a toy car across your leg.  Now, go play.


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